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Learnl Baby - Food

Publisher: Orange Design
Categories: Health, IPhone, Nutrition
Ages: 4-6
This is another fun educational iPhone game for kids from the team at Orange Design. As your baby grows, he or she is just beginning a relationship with food that will last a lifetime. Learnl Baby: Food introduces your baby to a wide selection of the tasty things we like to eat. Each touch of the screen brings new moments of learning about the things we call food, all from the convenience of a simple iPhone game.

Touch the iPhone screen from the game once to see a food and hear the name of that food. Touch again to show the spelling of the food’s name. Touch a third time to see a photograph of the food. From one touch to the next, your baby will learn about 22 delicious, nutritious foods in all, providing a vivid and engaging educational experience. Learnl Baby: Food is one of our top kids iPhone games choices.
User Rating: 4.5

Click here to play Learnl Baby - Food