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Learnl Baby - Colors and Shapes

Publisher: Orange Design
Categories: Geometry, IPhone
Ages: 4-6
Your kids will immediately fall in love with this educational game on the iPhone. Learnl Baby: Colors & Shapes from the team at Orange Design, teaches your kids to look at the physical world in a whole new way through this simple, yet engage iPhone application. An understanding of colors and shapes is a primary building block to describing all the things around us.

Learnl Baby: Colors & Shapes features 11 vivid colors and 10 geometric shapes. Touch the iPhone screen once to see a color or shape and hear its name. Touch again to reveal how the name is spelled. Touch a third time to see a photograph of the color or shape in the physical world. Touch by touch, your child will learn and have fun, getting to know the colors and forms we find everywhere.
User Rating: 3.5

Click here to play Learnl Baby - Colors and Shapes