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I See Ewe

Publisher: ClaireWare Software
Categories: Animals, IPhone, Spanish
Ages: 4-6, 6-8
I See Ewe is a favorite of the Ramo Games staff: it is an educational game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that helps kids learn shapes, objects, colors and animals through two simple games. The first game, “Learn Words”, presents kids with cards, each containing a different item. The child then has to name the item. The second game, “Match Items”, is a memory match game that challenges children to turn over cards two at a time to find a pair of matching cards. We love this educational game for the iPhone because it is fun for kids, but also instructive. It uses a variety of approaches to teaching that make it appropriate for kids of any background (the game is available in English and Spanish). Best of all, it uses animals, which all kids love!
User Rating: 4.0

Click here to play I See Ewe