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Brain Quest Blast Off

Publisher: Modality
Categories: Culture, Geography, History, IPhone, Math, Science, Word
Ages: 8-10, 10-12, 12+
A staff favorite for the iPhone education and kids categories! Give kids a new way to show their smarts with one of our favorite educational games, Brain Quest Blast Off, the only iPhone application based on Americaís top educational bestseller. Kids can tap their way through thousands of questions as they strive to achieve Genius status. This educational game on the iPhone features nearly 2,000 questions, matched from curriculum in English, Math, US History, Science, and Geography. Once all six knowledge areas are successfully completed in a single level, players navigate to that levelís Trophy Cup Challenge, where they are required to stretch themselves as they prove what they know, and learn what they donít. Game play continues for successive rounds, with increasingly difficult question sets.
User Rating: 3.8

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